July 20, 2021

Depending on your perspective, it’s either fortunate or unfortunate that not a lot is happening with Congress — as usual. It’s fortunate because we can focus on today’s second historic launch of civilians going into space; Another launch today may prove to be just as historic with its mission of saving democracy; Arizona can now see a different kind of ‘constellation’; and A new app that lets us skip office vision tests? Go beyond the headlines…

Watch Blue Origin Launch

By the numbers: Would-be Dreamers

What’s next for DACA: Court battles and pressure on Congress

‘About freedom’: Emilio Estefan releases music video ‘Libertad’ supporting Cuba protesters

New academic center aims to ‘strengthen’ democracy in U.S.

College degree benefits health of graduate’s parents

‘Satellite constellations’ are filling the Arizona night sky

In a NASA first, astronauts are growing chile peppers on the International Space Station

New App Lets You Skip In-Person Vision Tests]

A Rural Teacher Wins Peru’s Presidency After The Longest Electoral Count In 40 Years

Fifty people linked to Mexico’s president among potential targets of spyware NSO clients

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