July 25, 2023

The proof is irrefutable: climate change is responsible for current extreme weather events. From heat domes to flooding rains to stronger hurricanes, more ‘supercell’ tornadoes and blinding blizzards, climate change is the reason for the increase in intensity and frequency of all these events, and there’s one cause — us! The burning of fossil fuels is stimulating our planet to react and unless we change our ways, we’ll continue to suffer the consequences; Israeli legislators just made a mess of their democracy. Is that the plan?; New poll highlights how young people feel about being American; Study finds that Latino youth are better off if they do one thing; and Violence is widespread around the planet. The recent assassination of a mayor in Ecuador has sent the whole country into a state of emergency. Go beyond the headlines…

Heat waves in US and Europe would have been ‘virtually impossible’ without climate change, new report finds

What Israel’s new judicial law reveals about its democracy

Poll: Youth sour on America

US-Made Guns Are Fueling Global Shootings

Smithsonian Latino museum sees its fate thrown into budget fight

Encouraging Latinx youth to embrace ethnic pride can enhance their well-being

These Eight Habits Could Lengthen Your Life By Decades

Black Foodie Finder Launches New App to Help Foodies Find Black-Owned Businesses

Mexico’s rainfall so far this year is 30% below 2022 levels

Ecuador announces state of emergency after mayor shot to death

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