July 26, 2023

In these inflationary times, it’s not surprising that an alternative people chose to save money is now falling victim to higher prices. I’m talking about streaming services. The old saying, “you can’t live with them, can’t live without them” aptly describes the conundrum people who enjoy watching tv find themselves in. In the land of tv production, nothing is free, and it never was; Why is Ukraine’s Zelenskyy blaming NATO for his country’s counterattack not succeeding?; Could hope for less pollution in our future exist? Maybe. A new analysis finds less of this demographic are getting behind the wheel, and no, it’s not seniors; A VERY ALARMING scenario is surrounding the Florida peninsula and all of us need to demand change to stop it — and save our oceans, the planet and us! Go beyond the headlines…

Almost every big streaming service is getting more expensive

Ukraine Counterattack Isn’t Going According to Plan (And NATO Is to Blame)

American teens are driving less

Water at tip of Florida hits hot tub level, may have set world record for warmest seawater

Ivy colleges favor rich kids for admission, while middle-class students face obstacles, study finds

One simple brain hack might boost learning and improve mental health

Gulf Stream current could collapse in 2025, plunging Earth into climate chaos: ‘We were actually bewildered’

With a new app, smart devices can use GPS underwater

Mexican security forces were complicit in kidnapping of 43 student teachers, report reveals

Argentina demands that Bolivia explain its new defense agreement with Iran

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