June 1, 2021

Vulnerable. Gullible. Those are words we usually reserve for populations that are disenfranchised in some way, usually by low socioeconomic or educational levels. Yet, Facebook just revealed that many bad actors across the planet think the majority of Americans fit that stereotype; So, what are President Biden’s plans on narrowing the racial wealth gap?; Finally, DHS prohibits something that should have been done on Day 1; Want to lessen your depression without meds? New study says doing this one simple act should make you feel better; and One Latin American country now holds the highest COVID death rate in the world. Go beyond the headlines…

Facebook says U.S. is the top target of disinformation campaigns

Biden to announce new efforts to narrow the racial wealth gap

DHS formally bans family separations for illicit border crossings

More US citizens apprehended for moving drugs over border

‘Not OK’: Younger Latino generations confront immigrant parents on race, Black struggle

Waking just one hour earlier cuts depression risk by double digits, study finds

New ‘Swiss Army knife’ cleans up water pollution

These apps aim to change the way parents save for their children’s college education

Peru’s COVID-19 death toll more than doubled after a government review, making it the country with the world’s highest death rate per capita

Inspired by Bruce Lee, Esmeralda Falcón will be first Mexican woman to box at Olympics

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