May 28, 2021

Who, as a kid, never stubbornly answered back their parents, when not trying a new food or cleaning a dinner plate, after being told there were starving children in [country] say, “So, give it to them instead.” That snarky retort underscores the helplessness many of us used to feel when learning of hunger in far-off countries. The pandemic proved hunger was always a lot closer to home. Today is World Hunger Day and we are all faced with how to help. Sure, we can give to our local food bank but what else can we do? Something simple – be mindful of using the food we have and not throwing it away. Because yes, there are people starving — everywhere! On another note: Mitch McConnell just asked for a “personal favor” from his GOP colleagues that defies reason; One US judge still sees Trump as a national security risk; Scientists say the Colorado River is on its way to turning an ugly corner; and One of many victims of a Mexican serial killer can Rest In Peace thanks to what her husband did that authorities wouldn’t do. Go beyond the headlines…

Today is World Hunger Day

Harris announces deals for Central America investments

U.S. judge says Trump’s election falsehoods still pose security risk

Mitch McConnell reportedly asked other GOP senators to vote against the January 6 commission as a ‘personal favor’

First-Generation College Graduates Lag Behind Their Peers on Key Economic Outcomes

First-ever Colorado River water shortage is now almost certain, new projections show

A Vaccine Patch Could Someday Be An Ouchless Option

Lee Greenwood’s hit song inspires new ‘God Bless the USA Bible’ including America’s founding documents

Genetically modified salmon head to US dinner plates

MIT’s RIO program automatically detects and analyzes social media accounts that spread disinformation across a network.

Colombian city beset by crime declares ‘Black Lives Matter’

Mexican victim might have remained yet another missing person statistic if not for her husband being a police commander.

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