June 16, 2021

The value of hindsight is worthless if we don’t learn from it. For example, the siege of the Capitol by Trump supporters exposed just how far the majority of the GOP party would go to overturn election results just to stay in power. Many now see what that GOP attitude is all about — we don’t have to worry about Putin or Xi because we have home-grown authoritarians in our midst; How close are DREAMers to citizenship?; The Biden administration just made a fateful decision affecting Central American youth; and New study finds most women are at higher risk of exposure to toxic chemicals because of one daily routine. Go beyond the headlines…

Republican Party embraces agenda that rigs the rules in their favor. There’s a name for that behavior — authoritarianism.

Harris calls for pathway to citizenship for Dreamers on DACA anniversary

Emails reveal Trump pressured top DOJ officials to overturn election results

Biden expanding program allowing more young Central Americans to apply to get into US from home countries

The Limitations Of ‘Latinidad’: How Colorism Haunts ‘In The Heights’

Associated Press says it will no longer name suspects in minor crimes

Study: Half of US cosmetics contain toxic chemicals

As Climates Change, Prepare for More Mosquitoes in Winter, New Study Shows

The Citizen App’s Gamification of Vigilantism

‘Dying of thirst’: The Cucapá in Mexico fight against climate change and oblivion

Uruguay Gets Its First Billionaires With U.S. Fintech IPO

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