June 18, 2021

No matter where we live in the country, climate change is shocking our systems to wake up. One Louisiana town is already proof of what will soon happen to us all; And don’t forget the West’s punishing heat and water reserves drying up; Even NASA is issuing a dire warning that begs address; and Meteorologists are sounding the alarm over a devastating weather trend. Is there no hope, no remedy? Pretty clear it lies with each of us — at least, those of us smart enough to realize climate change is real and it’s happening. Go beyond the headlines…

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This Louisiana town is a bleak forecast of America’s future climate crisis

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‘Tornado Alley’ is expanding: Southern states see more twisters now than ever before

Earth is trapping ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, Nasa says

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Surfing Boom Brings Wave of Benefits to Tiny Mexican Coastal Town

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