June 22, 2023

Yesterday, I posted research showing just how far women have to drive to receive abortion services. The bigger question is which states still have them?; Ukraine officials are calling out the United Nations. It’s about time; There’s a new law going into effect that will make a big difference to pregnant workers; Is the recession finally getting closer?; Scientists discover that moths create their own invisibility cloaks to avoid detection. Can humans replicate that? Have we already?; Leonardo D-AI Vinci boasts amazing features but perhaps the coolest is that you don’t need the internet to enjoy using it; and Archeologists discover another ancient Maya city deep in the jungle. Go beyond the headlines…

Abortion laws by state: Where abortions are illegal 1 year after Roe v. Wade was overturned

Ukraine Takes Aim at ‘Hypocritical’ United Nations

Latino economy advocates ‘on high alert’ over potential budget cuts

New law protecting pregnant workers set to take effect — and it’s a big deal

Economist who anticipated bank failures this spring says U.S. recession may be just around the corner

Ocean heat is off the charts – here’s what that means for humans and ecosystems around the world

How moths create invisibility cloaks preventing detection by predators using biosonar

Leonardo D-AI Vinci? Nifty AI tool turns your bad sketches into artwork in seconds – and it DOESN’T need the internet

Ancient Maya city discovered in Campeche

A divided legacy marks 50 years since Peron’s return to Argentina

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