June 24, 2021

From the look of today’s headlines, racial equality has a long way to go: Researchers found all the gains in healthcare coverage for Latino children were all but erased under Trump; With interest rates so low, homeowners rushed to refinance — but not at the same rates for Latino and Black homeowners; In a blow to Cesar Chavez’s legacy, US Supreme Court just issued a startling ruling; And What’s happening in Nicaragua? The US needs to pay attention and we’re not talking about immigration. Go beyond the headlines…

Under Trump, gains in health care coverage for Latino children mostly erased

DHS considering asylum for migrants whose cases were terminated under Trump

Millions of Americans Refinanced Last Year—but Fewer Black and Latino Homeowners Did

‘Innocent mistakes’ will no longer cost immigrants their green cards or visas

U.S. Supreme Court limits union organizers access to farm laborers in new ruling

More Than Half Of U.S. Buildings Are In Places Prone To Disaster, Study Finds

Can ET see us? Study finds many stars with prime Earth view

New app will help employers verify workers’ vaccine status

International organizations launch website to aid identification of human remains found in Mexico

Nicaragua’s Ortega Regime Requests Russia’s Armament And Military Preparation To Face “Threats Of Terrorism”

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