June 23, 2021

It was a foregone conclusion that the For the People, the Dem-driven voting rights act bill, would be defeated last night by Senate Republicans. Why would the GOP want to endanger their election prospects by making the Constitutionally-protected right more transparent and accessible to everyone when they thrive on manipulating voters with unjust voting access laws, and downright cruel tactics just to stay in power; Cruelty was the hallmark signature of the Trump admin and continues within the GOP leadership. So much so, that 2 authors wrote a book on it and will discuss it in a Zoom author event; Biden has a plan to tackle gun violence; And one South American country is home to the largest variety of butterfly species in the world. Go beyond the headlines…

EXPLAINER: What’s next now that GOP has blocked voting bill?

Biden administration to launch drive tackling gun violence spike

Millions of people with felonies can now vote after widespread reform. Most don’t know it.

High school basketball coach fired after tortilla-throwing incident many saw as racist

How to consume news while maintaining your sanity

San Antonio-based authors to discuss “cruelty” of the President Donald Trump era in online book event

Scientists don’t know why hundreds of birds are getting sick and dying across the U.S.

Crime Stoppers launches new tech to help civilians fight crime

Colombia has the world’s largest variety of butterfly species: study

Mexico’s cowboys struggle to maintain traditional lifestyle

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