June 26, 2023

News over the weekend that Russia’s President Putin was facing a direct challenge to his power had people in the West giddy for the showdown. That one of his own would try and overthrow him was a dream come true for everyone who wants this invasion to turn in Ukraine’s favor. Who knows? It still might, sooner than before. Yet, there are so many unknowns and given Putin’s predictability for vengeance, the story is probably not over. The outcome, we all want, may be on the horizon; When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, we all chalked it up to partisan politics. One writer feels it goes deeper than that; We know this summer is off to a blistering hot start in many parts of the country but there’s also a drought — and it’s threatening the most important part of our national food supply; The ‘mother of invention’ is when a mom uses tech to help children get help fast. Go beyond the headlines…

Why the Supreme Court Really Killed Roe v. Wade

With Russia revolt over, mercenaries’ future and direction of Ukraine war remain uncertain

Texas is now a majority minority state

U.S. Wheat Supply Threatened as Worst Drought in Decade Scorches Kansas

Study suggests 21st century economic growth will be slower than expected

Opinion: Why the World Is on the Brink of Great Disorder

Weird weather keeps butterflies aflutter longer

Mom seeking solutions creates new app for kids

Oaxaca (Mexico) has America’s deepest cave; what’s been discovered inside it?

Guatemala’s elections can’t undo years of government corruption

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