June 7, 2023

An interesting anecdote is that some conservative GOP voters are opting for electric vehicles. Why is the party of climate-deniers going green? Well, it seems to have less to do with saving the environment and padding their home budgets. Whatever the motivation, it goes a long way to helping the planet but scientists have declared it’s too late to save one needed feature of the planet that keeps our cool; Why are cultures different? Seems it’s all about the ‘dirt’; Hate speech is at its most effective when it shocks our senses and sensibilities. Now, researchers have a new weapon – a ‘shockwave formula’ that roots out, traces and possibly prevent the spread of this vile form of communication; and Ever wanted to send a few bucks of appreciation to your favorite college athlete – that’s totally legal? Now, you can via a new app. Go beyond the headlines…

Too late now to save Arctic summer ice, climate scientists find

Putin’s War in Ukraine Has Entered a New Phase

Nearly 20% of the cultural differences between societies boil down to ecological factors – new research

Home health nurses use harsher words for Black, Hispanic patients

Number of elected Latinos who identify as LGBTQ+ soars

Researchers develop online hate speech ‘shockwave’ formula

Abnormal Surge of Brain Abscesses in American Children, CDC Says

New NIL app allows college sports fans to directly pay student-athletes

Peso hits new 7-year high against the US dollar

Casabe, Cuba’s little-known traditional bread, seeks world recognition

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