June 8, 2021

We now have a better idea of just how many migrant children the Trump administration purposely tore away from their parents. The number is as bad as we thought; Even with everything the GOP is actively doing to restrict voting rights of communities of color and the encouragement of anti-immigrant and racist behavior among its followers, why did a majority-Latino border town just elect their first Republican mayor in 24 years?; When it comes to boardrooms, Blacks are making great strides. Not so much some others; and The UK just developed a new app that could save the lives of those who enjoy recreational drugs. Go beyond the headlines…

At least 3,900 children separated from families under Trump ‘zero tolerance’ policy, task force finds

Texans elect the first Republican mayor of McAllen, a majority Latino border city, in 24 years

Black Directors Gained Ground in the Boardroom as Women and Latinos Slipped

‘Our Stories Are Shared Stories:’ Project To Archive Latino COVID History

IRS sends out letters now about the new Child Tax Credit

Illegal border crossings most in over decade — with four months to go

‘Lady of Guadalupe’ avoids tough truths about the Catholic Church and Indigenous genocide

Carbon Dioxide, Which Drives Climate Change, Reaches Highest Level In 4 Million Years

New dinosaur species discovered in Australia, one of world’s biggest

Study Suggests 150 Years May Be the Human Lifespan’s Upper Limit

‘There is stuff’: Enduring mysteries trail US report on UFOs

New App Scans Recreational Drug Use

Study sheds light on pre-Columbian life in understudied area of SW Amazon

Mexican artist helps Aztec dancers preserve ancient traditions

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