March 11, 2021

It’s become both a cliche and an understatement to say the world is changing. In the previous four years, that change, mostly for the worse, was attributed to Trump. However, we no longer have him as a distraction to blame for not seeing what is happening before our eyes: Home prices soaring so high that policymakers are alarmed; The unprecedented number of attacks on Asian Americans; The diabolical use of technology by domestic abusers; and The increasing shortage of water around the world. Go beyond the headlines…

Soaring home prices are starting to alarm policymakers

Record number of unaccompanied minors being held at border: report

Biden ends policy forcing asylum-seekers to ‘remain in Mexico’ – but for 41,247 migrants, it’s too late

Native American tribes lead the way on coronavirus vaccinations

Asian Americans Experience ‘Far More’ Hate Incidents Than Numbers Indicate

Arizona careening toward water shortage crisis

Lifting The Lid On How Domestic Abusers Use Technology

Smart speaker checks for irregular heartbeat

Drought conditions now affect 82.9% of Mexican territory; northeast is worst affected

Bolivia’s little-known tribal kingdom

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