March 10, 2021

Depending on which side of the ‘wealth’ aisle someone is standing, their view of welfare and welfare reform can mean two different things. So, the headlines that touts Congress ending welfare reform “as we know it” is both concerning and hopeful; Were food deserts preplanned?; Getting an education isn’t just good for your future earnings potential, but researchers now say it’s a matter of life and death; and On the ‘heels’ of a new WHO study finding how prevalent women are victims of physical and sexual violence, 20,000 women took to the streets of Mexico City to demand something of their president and Mexican society. Go beyond the headlines…

Congress Ends Welfare Reform as We Know It

Despite court filings and public rhetoric, official says Biden administration is ‘not ending family detention’

How urban planning and housing policy helped create ‘food apartheid’ in US cities

Black, Hispanic Americans lag in COVID-19 vaccination as outreach efforts struggle

Life Expectancy Declines For Americans Without A Four-Year College Degree

WHO study finds 1 in 3 women face physical, sexual violence

Looking for a COVID-19 vaccine? This website may text you when a vaccine is about to go unused

U.S. Lawmakers Suggest 25 Movies About Latinos to the Film Registry

Climate Change Lays Waste to Butterflies Across American West

Exercise app lowers fall risk for older adults

Nicaragua volcano blankets communities in ash

20,000 march in Mexico City for justice for women and an end to the violence

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