March 16, 2021

Since its inception, the United States government has exhibited trouble with inclusion and diversity. That’s not new news, but what is news, is that after 200+ years of settling a land that had to be stolen from Native Americans and Mexicans the first Native American is included in a presidential cabinet; Why are Republicans still promoting a failed Trump immigration policy?; Finally, The Who has an explanation for the origin of the virus, and it’s not in a lab; Social media has been known to help fuel conspiracy theories but there’s another culprit as well that people use just as much; and Peruvian coffee farmers have hit on the perfect brew of environmentally-friendly coffee making. Go beyond the headlines…

Deb Haaland becomes first-ever Native American U.S. Cabinet secretary

Republicans take Trump’s playbook to the border

After the insurrection, America’s far-right groups get more extreme

Thousands of Latinos were sterilized in the 20th century. Amid COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, they remember.

WHO Points To Wildlife Farms In Southern China As Likely Source Of Pandemic

Amazon Is Pushing Readers Down A “Rabbit Hole” Of Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus

Yes, the Oscar nominations are more ‘diverse.’ But they largely leave out Latinos

Billions of cicadas will emerge this spring, there’s now an app for that

Special brew: eco-friendly Peruvian coffee leaves others in the shade

Water shortages occurring in parts of Mexico City and México state with Cutzamala water system at lowest level in 25 years and likely to go lower

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