March 18, 2022

Russia is increasingly bombing Ukraine’s airports and its people — and Russia is on a clear path towards global exclusion as long as Putin remains in power; The depth of Trump’s illegal activities when he was president continues to come to light and the threat he poses to US democracy; What is the Latino vote? Is there a Latino vote? New podcast strives to explore that concept; Researchers create a fabric that can ‘hear’ our heartbeats; and A new app maps Ukrainian violence based on in-country news sources. Go beyond the headlines…

Russia Intensifies Attacks On Civilians in Ukraine

Some Ukrainians Can Be Exempt From A Trump-Era Policy That Expels Immigrants At The Border

Under Trump, DHS directed to probe bogus claims about voter fraud

GOP and Dem Latino political consultants launch podcast — together

US grew wealthier, better educated in 2nd half of 2010s

1st image snapped by iconic Webb telescope pushes limits of the ‘laws of physics’

Researchers Create a Fabric That Can ‘Hear’ Your Heartbeat

New web-based app maps violence in Ukraine based on in-country news sources

U.S., Mexico Prepare for New Migrant Wave as Inflation Surges

‘Absurd’: Brazil awards Bolsonaro ‘medal of Indigenous merit’

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