March 21, 2022

The Ukrainian war rages on with loss of life increasing and destruction of the country. Yet, through all this, the people remain positive they will win against this invasion. However, can the same be said for the global community if this really is the start of WWIII? Will the West be forever faulted in history for having acted too late to halt Putin’s advances? People still talking about the power of the Latino vote. Why? It seems 40% of Latinos had something else on their minds rather than voting; An electrical engineer explains why there’s a greater force than cyber hackers we should all fear when it comes to keeping the internet operational; and The spotlight is getting brighter on Mexico’s crisis over the country’s ‘disappeared ones.’ Go beyond the headlines…

More than 90% of Ukrainians believe their country will win the war; Zelenskyy warns of WWIII

DHS watchdog, in rare move, wants detainees immediately removed from New Mexico facility

How the Latino vote could decide control of the Senate

Time to retool census? Some think so after minorities missed

Latino drug overdose death rate jumped 40% in 2020, study finds

A large solar storm could knock out the power grid and the internet – an electrical engineer explains how

The U.S. may force companies to disclose climate risks, marking a historic change

Amie, a new calendar app with a social twist

Colombian library goes beyond books to keep stories alive

March puts spotlight on Mexico’s ‘disappeared ones’

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