March 23, 2020

Another week of living with the coronavirus reality means a new reality for more people everywhere: sheltering in place, working from home, more home-cooked meals, online education, etc. Under any other circumstances, it would seem like the ultimate stay-cation but it’s not. Not when millions are losing their jobs on a daily basis, and there’s a particular segment of the population that is most at risk of a future on the economic edge; The importance of everyone being tested when feeling sicker than usual can’t be stated enough and Trump is now sending this message to undocumented Americans; A troubling trends is emerging in Texas: child abuse cases are on the rise. Experts say it’s not a coincidence seeing this spike during these times; and TIME magazine just created a gift for parents with homebound students. Go beyond the headlines…

What trends are researchers seeing with the coronavirus?

Who is most at risk in the coronavirus crisis: 24 million of the lowest-income workers

Trump says undocumented immigrants can get tested for coronavirus without fear of deportation

These Updating Charts Show How Many People Are Losing Their Jobs Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Texas hospital child abuse cases rise in COVID-19 outbreak: ‘It’s hard to think that it’s just coincidental’

DHS: Pandemic measures cut illegal border crossings by half

Coronavirus origins: genome analysis suggests two viruses may have combined

Autism rates declining among wealthy whites, escalating among poor

Time for Kids Launches Free Digital Library for Those Affected Globally by School Closures During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mexico To Begin ‘Healthy Distancing’ Amid Criticism It Has Done Too Little Too Late

The isolated tribes at risk of illness from Amazon missionaries

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