May 14, 2020

As poorly as Trump and his administration have been in handling the coronavirus and as restrictive GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been in declaring anymore coronavirus aid bills “dead on arrival” in the Senate, voters in CA just did this; Trump administration has wanted to do away with allowing refugees into the country and a new report shows where they are towards this goal; An international group of doctors who usually go to war-torn, third-world countries just set up clinics in this part of the US; and Who doesn’t want some fun. For starters, learn how to cartoon with new tutorial and Facebook just announced we can now have our own avatars. Go beyond the headlines…

Ousted Scientist Says ‘Window Of Opportunity’ To Fight Coronavirus Is Closing

Latino GOP Flips California House Seat With Candidate Who Vows to Stop ‘Socialist-Style’ Policies

Pelosi’s Heroes Act would protect immigrant health workers on the frontline of coronavirus pandemic from deportation

US has granted refugee status to just two people since March: report

Doctors Without Borders Sent A Team To The Navajo Nation To Help With The Coronavirus Crisis

Cartooning-in-Place: Learn How to Cartoon in Our New Tutorial Series

Blood test accurately detects Alzheimer’s disease

You can now have your very own digital avatar on Facebook and Messenger

Mexico City’s Coolest Concept Store Is Now Online

AP PHOTOS: Paraguay, land-locked ‘ísland’ amid the pandemic

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