May 26, 2020

As we see pictures of packed beaches and parks, most of us think we can handle the social distancing rules — though, obviously, none are. But what about flying? Nothing we can really do there and so the big question remains: Should we fly? Two scientists answer those concerns; For most Latino families, we can trace someone we know and love who served in the military. Yet, after all these years, something still remains out of reach for most Latino military veterans; Guess who is suffering the steepest job losses these days? Hint: It’s not just Latinos; and Costa Rica just became the latest country spreading this equality message. Go beyond the headlines…

Should you fly yet? An epidemiologist and an exposure scientist walk you through the decision process

Pandemic Puts A Crimp On Voter Registration, Potentially Altering Electorate

The key to winning the Latino vote in 2020? Latinas.

Latinos are fastest growing population in US military, but higher ranks remain out of reach

Trump reportedly wants to restrict visa programs for skilled workers

Worker shortage concerns loom in immigrant-heavy meatpacking

Women suffering steeper job losses in COVID-19 economy

The Coronavirus Has A Mysterious “Loop” That Lets It Quickly Attack Human Lungs. Here’s How It Works.

Digital device serves up a taste of virtual food

Costa Rica latest country to legalize same-sex marriage

Mexico City records thousands more deaths than usual, amid doubt over official Covid-19 toll

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