May 7, 2024

Just when the world thought there was a truce between Israel and Hamas…and are Israelis blaming the US?; Several states have (unbelievably) passed laws that basically outlaw water breaks for workers laboring outside. One group who has always suffered scorching temps are farm workers. Now, the Farm Labor group is making sure migrant farm workers – because they are the majority who are harvesting our food supply – get the protection they deserve to brave the heat; Are you the kind of dog parent that sneaks human food to your pet under the table? A new study wanted to know which is better for your fur baby: dog food or raw meat. They were surprised at the results; Mental health is a huge issue for everyone but especially the LGBTQ population. A new mental health app has launched targeting on their unique needs; and Madonna decided to throw a free concert on Copacabana Beach in Brazil. Look who showed up. Go beyond the headlines…

Single women are more likely to own homes than single men. Why? 

Israelis frustrated with U.S. handling of hostage talks

Farm Labor group takes steps to protect migrant farm workers from heat stress

The clock is ticking to fix Social Security as retirees face automatic cut in 9 years

How to train your brains to manifest your goals

Which is better for your dog, kibble or raw meat? Research yields surprising health results

NASA’s Stunning New Simulation Sends You Diving Into a Black Hole

New app for LGBTQ teens, young adults focuses on mental health

This gentrifying Mexico City neighborhood has a Soho House — and a migrant encampment

Free Madonna concert draws crowd of 1.6m to Brazil’s Copacabana beach

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