May 8, 2024

It’s bad enough that the GOP actively tries to discourage and dilute the votes of people of color but when those targeted buy into those challenges by giving up, it’s worse and hands a win to a party that’s learned to use the law to corrupt our democracy; Poland is sounding the alarm that Russia may be ready to invade another country. Is anyone listening?; Some CEOs think we’re already in a recession. If so, could it get worse?; More people are running marathons but not for the reason you’d think; In another show of partisan cruelty, more GOP states are challenging federal rules to protect transgender students. Will their next step be to set up ‘conversion camps’ where they forcefully separate these children from their families to physically and mentally torture them to be straight?; Was Stonehenge really built with the moon in mind? Scientists are about to find out; and Plastic waste is a huge problem. Discover 19 inventions that help us all use less plastic. Go beyond the headlines…

Fewer Black Americans say they will vote in the 2024 election, new poll says

Russia Ready To Launch Offensive on NATO Country, Poland Warns

More GOP states challenge federal rules protecting transgender students

The US may already be in recession as job cuts accelerate, research CEO says

Why more people are running marathons

An Accurate And Inclusive Test Of Mindreading

‘Major lunar standstill’ may reveal if Stonehenge is aligned with the moon

19 Genius Inventions That Can Stop Us from Using So Much Plastic

Venezuela loses its last glacier as it shrinks down to an ice field

Increasing Election Violence in Mexico

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