November 10, 2021

Polarized. Divisive. These are just two of the words used to describe the state of politics today. Yet, we expect our Congress to work as one body. Unfortunately, in another glaring example of how one political party thinks it’s their right to ‘reign’ the US, a disturbing action from the House GOP should have everyone disgusted; Joining the Air Force was as much a rite of passage in Latino families as Quinceañeras. A new report underscores why there needs to be a rethink for families whose children want to join the military; We know the Trump admin oppressed many federal agencies during their tenure but now we know the extent in one agency; A new app fosters inclusion for those with speech impairments. Go beyond the headlines…

Voting with Biden leads to calls for punishment from House GOP

Holocaust Museum report warns China “may be committing genocide”

States With the Biggest Increases in Racial Diversity

Air Force report: Nearly half in survey saw abuse, violence

Here’s How Anti-Abortion Politics Hid Science News From The Public

Facebook scraps ad targeting based on politics, race and other ‘sensitive’ topics

This personality type knowingly shares fake news

Google’s new Project Relate app aims to help people with speech impairments communicate

Mexico’s López Obrador proposes trillion-dollar world plan for ‘fellowship and well-being

Colombia continues mass arrest of social leaders, protest organizers

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