November 10, 2023

What should be major headlines, alongside the daily updates of the wars in Israel and Ukraine, but are relegated to ‘subheadings’ in the coverage of global unrest, is the news of our own military being attacked and engaging with combatants in Syria. Public sentiment regarding our active military has always ranged from patriotic support to disdain, and with the war between Israel and Hamas threatening to engulf more players taking sides, the likelihood of our US military getting involved is growing. Unfortunately, a new poll shows that when the time comes to replenish those ranks we may be in big trouble; Did you get the IRS memo? It could change your taxes; Not like we’ve done enough damage to the planet, but now scientists are warning that we’re messing up something vital to the earth’s cycle; and A skin patch that warns food allergy sufferers they’re about to have an anaphylaxis attack. Go beyond the headlines…

Polling: Americans Don’t Want to Fight For Their Country Anymore

How U.S. pressure led Israel to set pauses in Gaza fighting

Number of US troops injured in drone attacks jumps to 56

IRS announces new income tax brackets for 2024

Supporters try to rekindle Puerto Rico status change

We’re Disrupting Another Major Earth Cycle, And No One’s Talking About It

Skin patch predicts anaphylaxis in food allergy test

New AI noise-canceling headphone technology lets wearers pick which sounds they hear

Why Latin America’s ‘pink tide’ is taking a stand against Israel

Uruguay’s power grid runs on 98% green energy. Here’s how it got there.

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