November 14, 2023

“The U.S. overall is warming faster than the global average, and the state that is transforming the most is Alaska….” The Fifth National Climate Assessment

Unfortunately, climate change is more than just a change in temperature. The rippling repercussions of how our planet’s surging temps impact people are increasingly devastating. From Noah-type floods to scorching heat waves, blistering blizzards and apocalyptic-looking tornadoes, typhoons and hurricanes, the toll of climate change is impacting us all but hits the lowest income and fixed-income the most. We see it happening but we have to ask ourselves and our leaders, not what can we do but what will we do; Why is Russia’s warships in Asia?; So, finally bending to public pressure the Supreme Court adopts a code of ethics. Awesome but who’s going to enforce it and what’s the punishment for violating it?; Anyone with diabetes will tell you it’s not a fun disease to have – all those needles. Yet, researchers found that AI can eliminate that first prick, at least. Go beyond the headlines…

Climate change altering U.S. in profound ways, major report finds

Russia Warship Flotilla in Asia Sparks Fears: ‘Global Takeover’

States lose track of thousands of foster children each year. Some are never found.

High Debt Threatens the U.S. Economy

The Supreme Court adopts first-ever code of ethics

AI robot uses meteorite from Mars to help make oxygen from water

Maya warrior statue with serpent helmet discovered at Chichén Itzá

No more needles: AI detects diabetes from your voice

Mexico will soon elect its first female president – but that landmark masks an uneven march toward women’s rights

Endangered sperm whales now have their first protected area in the Caribbean island of Dominica

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