November 15, 2023

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Trump and his gaggle of misfits comes news that Ukrainian officials arrested a local official who not only was colluding with Putin but Rudy Giuliani to boot. He was charged with spreading disinformation and trying to help Trump, via Giuliani, dig up dirt on Hunter Biden. What a tangled web they weave; Is Inflation over?; It’s America Recycles Day! The probability that most of us are recycling wrong is high but luckily help is here; New tech enables us all to perform telepathic communication – one day; and Boston Marathon bomber launches new app inspired by his injuries. Go beyond the headlines…

More Americans are saying Israel’s response is going too far in its war with Hamas

Ukraine MP linked to Rudy Giuliani charged with colluding with Russia

Underage Workers Are Training AI

Inflation’s “fever has broken” as October data softens

Celebrate America Recycles Day with 6 Uncommon Recycling Tips

“World’s most dangerous bird” emerges from ocean, stunning onlookers

“Telepathic” communication from thoughts alone may finally be possible with this breakthrough technology

Boston Marathon bombing survivor launches new app to create mobility resources community

In Argentina, the Right to Sex Education Depends on Volunteer Teachers

Guatemala Beefs Up Its Border with Mexico Against Drug Trafficking Cartels

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