November 21, 2019

World Children’s Day came and went yesterday but Florida aims to keep reminding its residents the importance of honoring all children and quit doing this to them; Pew research finds Hispanics and African Americans make up the majority in these places across the nation; and Just in time for Thanksgiving, a new app finds the most affordable groceries. Also, check out online a Bolivian feminist chola…Go beyond the headlines to get the full story.

Florida billboards call on US to stop ‘locking up’ kids to mark World Children’s Day

In a rising number of U.S. counties, Hispanic and black Americans are the majority

Immigrants and some people of color are moving to the suburbs – but life there isn’t as promising as it once was

After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople

Want more women and minorities in STEM? Address social oppression in the classroom, says new research

More than half of Hispanic adults are projected to get diabetes. Here’s what you can do

70-and-80-year-old women exposed to higher levels of air pollution experienced greater declines in memory and more Alzheimer’s-like brain atrophy

New app helps you find affordable groceries with special Thanksgiving tool

The struggle of the Bolivian feminist chola is now online

Vogue cover features transgender ‘muxe’ from Mexico for the first time

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