November 29, 2021

Human dignity has always been the unspoken theme of Christmas. Whether it be a pregnant woman finding a safe and decent place to give birth or a woman deciding for herself what she needs to do with her body or how we talk about strangers in a new country, it boils down to human dignity, and recognizing the God-given right of every individual to exercise free choice and the right to survive — with dignity. Several headlines show there’s an increasing trend to recognize that fundamental right. Unfortunately, it’s not coming fast enough; One Latino cartoonist uses his skills to save lives; and We’ve all heard of The Smithsonian’s African American Museum in Washington DC but few of us have been able to see it for ourselves. So, administrators are bringing the museum to us. We can now visit the museum virtually! Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court Justices Will Decide If Abortion Rights Survive. Here’s Where They Stand

Some states dropping ‘dehumanizing’ terms for immigrants

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It’s a job seeker’s market out there — here are 4 hiring trends applicants should know

Inflation has risen around the world, but the U.S. has seen one of the biggest increases

Latino cartoonist’s ‘TOONDEMIC’ fights COVID misinformation

Researchers try producing potato resistant to climate change

It’s Now Possible To Visit The Smithsonian’s African American History Museum Virtually

Embroidery of Mexico’s searching mothers strikes a nerve and goes viral

Opposition leftist claims Honduras election win, on track to be first woman president

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