November 3, 2021

No one disputes there is a Latino wealth gap. Contributing factors are lack of education/vocational training and lower salaried jobs. Yet, one crucial element that doesn’t necessarily depend on either of the previous factors could be enough to narrow that gap — if only people had the ganas to do it!; New analysis shows why it’s important to check our credit reports, especially Latinos and Blacks; Maine just became the first state to add an unusual amendment to its Constitution; a 14-year-old just made science history; and Could social media be ‘healthy’? One engineer thinks he’s done it. Go beyond the headlines…

Black, Hispanic Neighborhoods See More Errors in Credit Reports

Lower income, lack of savings create Latino wealth gap

Exclusive: Rep. Barbara Lee calls on Pentagon to release delayed emissions report

Women more competitive when given option to share winnings – research finding that may help close gender pay gap

Maine passes nation’s 1st ‘right to food’ amendment

A 14-year-old won a prestigious award for his discoveries on ‘antiprime’ numbers

Women under 35 face higher risk of breast cancer spreading – study

Detroit engineer creates new ‘healthy’ social media app

23 Mexican wines win medals at North America’s largest competition

4 LatAm nations create fishing-free corridor in east Pacific

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