November 30, 2022

It’s a sad time in America for a number of reasons but especially since we’ve lost confidence in our Supreme Court. There’s no clearer proof of that than what the Senate just passed out of fear the justices would reverse it; Something disturbing is happening with Russia and China. For a second time, the two are holding joint military exercises — in sight of US territories; Researchers warn major fires will become more frequent because of what climate change is doing to the atmosphere; Scientists claim they’ve just created a new food element that actually makes eating cakes and pizza a guilt-less pleasure; and Why is The Washington Post warning Mexicans that they are on a path of losing their democracy? Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration eyes border overhaul as Title 42 ends

The Senate just passed historic protections for same-sex marriage

Russian, Chinese bombers fly joint patrols over Pacific

Mayors call on Congress to protect DACA recipients

U.S. gun death rates hit highest levels in decades, study says

Major fires an increasing risk as the air gets thirstier, research shows

Scientists Create ‘Invisible Fiber’ That Can Make Cakes And Pizzas Better For You

Amazon’s new Alexa feature uses AI to create animated stories on Echo Show

US editorial warns electoral reform would put Mexico’s democracy ‘at risk’

Ecuadorian painter’s ‘Chapel of Man’, a work in progress for 20 years

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