November 5, 2020

With eyes so focused on who will win the presidency, not many noticed other news as a result of Tuesday’s election. For example, Puerto Rican voters just made their own history, and one state becomes the first state to elect all women of color to the House; Unfortunately, there must always be a balance between good and bad. Maybe that’s why the Trump campaign isn’t hiding their ‘winning’ strategy; and Who is Ritchie Torres? He just became the latest Latino trailblazer. Go beyond the headlines…

Puerto Ricans have voted in favor of statehood. Now it’s up to Congress.

What We Know About The Latino Vote In Some Key States

Foreign Election Observers Called Out Trump For His “Baseless Allegations” Eroding Democratic Trust

New Mexico becomes the first state to elect all women of color to the House

The Trump Campaign Is Openly Trying to Steal the Election

Ritchie Torres becomes first gay Afro Latino elected to Congress

Luminescent Wood Could Light Up Homes Of The Future

The U.S. Is the World’s Number One Source of Plastic Waste

An online marketplace that makes sustainable shopping easy

Annual mourners’ contest showed there’s lots to cry about this year and cry they did in San Juan del Río

Ancient burial of fierce female hunter (and her weapons) discovered in Peru


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