November 8, 2021

Rightly or wrongly, popular opinion has been that all these anti-vaxxers are Trumpsters, or at the least, Republicans. Well, a new analysis validates one prevalent assumption; So, let me get this straight: Puerto Ricans living in the states receive full federal benefits but if they live on the island, they lose them all? One family is asking the Supreme Court if that’s fair; Latinos can stave off heart problems if they just practiced this one daily habit; and New app helps parents identify something that could impact their children’s growth. Go beyond the headlines…

Analysis of Google search data indicates politics played a major role in shaping COVID-19 fears in the United States

Family who lost federal benefits for living in Puerto Rico looks to Supreme Court

Apparent spy campaign targeting defense and other sectors uncovered

Immigrant advocates release ‘Pathway to Citizenship in Five Steps’

Healthy eating linked to better heart structure and function among Latino adults

This is what the world looks like if we pass the crucial 1.5-degree climate threshold

Twitter rolling out a feature making it easier to search a user’s tweets

New app helps parents identify treatable childhood growth disorders earlier

Mexico City’s Remote Worker Problem

A mountain of unsold clothing from fast fashion retailers is piling up in the Chilean desert

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