November 9, 2020

Trump is a sore loser. That’s not news. However, the fact that a handful of GOP legislators have crazily parroted Trump’s insane allegations of voter fraud is a disturbing commentary on the GOP and the state of democracy in this nation. We will never achieve a sense of ‘normalcy’ in this country’s politics as long as there are Republicans who have embraced Trump’s pouty, cheating and gaslighting methods to manipulate public opinion, and coerce people and institutions to expend the truth so as to present their side in a more favorable light. Trump will forever be an influential force in American politics because of his insatiable need to be in the spotlight, but he can only be a force as much as the media allows him. Just as Biden and his transition team are preparing for 2021 and Twitter’s announcement that after January 20, Trump will be treated as any other user of their platform, credible media must make their own plans. How much of a platform will they afford Trump, his allies, and anyone else who attempts to gaslight the American people? How long will they let them speak unchallenged, leaving false impressions in their wakes? It’s time for the media to step up and reclaim our position in this democracy so it can weather future attacks, because we know they are coming. Go beyond the headlines…

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