October 11, 2021

We’ve always known social media is not benign. How can it be when humanity is so diverse in opinions, beliefs and intelligence? With the latest Facebook revelation, it’s refreshing to see one Latino organization take a stand; One reporter makes it her mission to listen to Latino voters and uncovers a lot; Trump may be a danger to democracy but what the GOP is doing now ensures its future eradication; Researchers finding that there’s one sure way to alleviate poverty, and it doesn’t involve more services; and (Ironically, given our lede headline) New app wants to bring real human experiences to social media. Go beyond the headlines…

Largest Latino civil rights organization severs ties with Facebook

Republicans Are Laying The Groundwork For Endless Election “Audits” That Go Long Past Trump

Listening, and Listening Again, to Latino Voters

Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Why it’s replacing Columbus Day in many places

The best antidote to poverty could be cold, hard cash

Why white students are far more likely to graduate than students of color at public universities

Start your holiday shopping now. Here are some goods that may be running out of stock

New App Designed to Bring Real Human Experiences to Social Media

Brazil’s Bolsonaro blocks free tampons and pads for disadvantaged women in Brazil

Mexican science board tells researchers: don’t criticize us]

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