October 15, 2019

With news of the arrest of the latest egregious and senseless murder of an innocent black person by a police officer, the debut of a USA Today investigation into police misconduct is not only timely but sheds light on what kinds of people are putting on the badge and how they are trained and why it needs improvement; Why did Georgia college students burn the books of a Latina author?; and Just when we thought apps couldn’t be more innovative The Washington Post creates just that. Check out the stories…

USA Today investigation uncovers reason why 30,000 police officers in 44 states were banned for misconduct in ongoing nationwide accountability project where public can still help

Everything You Need To Know About Tuesday’s Democratic Debate

What ‘Border Wars’ Book Reveals About Trump, Miller And Immigration

Georgia college students burned the books of a Latina author

Puerto Rican Indigenous Communities Seek Recognition, Return of Their Ancestral Lands

Two filmmakers respond to Trump’s Latino problem. The movies aren’t helping.

Handwashing robot helps schoolkids make a clean break with bad habits

The Washington Post’s inspired new TV app is about reading, not watching

Aroma of the Paraguayan Gran Chaco

3,000 community police set to take on Guerrero cartel

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