October 18, 2019

Hard to believe that it’s been a year since the first migrant caravan arrived at our southern border. Through Trump’s punitive asylum and detention policies, officials say apprehensions are down. So, why did Trump just veto an end to his emergency funding for the wall? One reason and it starts with a “b”; A Smithsonian Latino museum? Congress mulling the possibility; There is only one country on the planet that won’t guarantee youth rights. Guess which one. Check out the stories to discover some highlights of today’s news…

House holds its first hearing on a Smithsonian Latino museum

White workers are more likely than black or Latino Americans to have a good job — even with the same level of education

Five groundbreaking Latino CEOs share their advice for success

1 Year Since 1st Migrant Caravan Seen Travelling To U.S.

A UN treaty guarantees youth rights everywhere on earth – except the United States

Childhood Obesity Is Rising ‘Shockingly Fast’ — Even In Poor Countries

Deaths due to suicide, homicide on the rise among U.S. youth

New app can alert parents if registered sex offender contacts their child

Alicia Alonso, grande dame of Cuban ballet, dies at 98

Venezuela wins seat on UN Human Rights Council

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