October 20, 2021

For years, Latinos have been touted as the ‘sleeping giant.’ Our growing numbers have been ‘weaponized’ to threaten politicians and deliver hope to those eager for change in the status quo. Yet, a new analysis reveals that Latinos may have little future clout if we don’t do one basic thing; As a sign of assimilation, and an eye-roll to everyone whoever cried that fluent Spanish speakers posed a national threat, new evidence underscores how younger generations of Latinos may not follow their parents’ footsteps; and Surgeons just achieved a science fiction-worthy accomplishment that gives hope to all waiting for organ transplants. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden plan pits Hispanic-serving colleges against HBCUs

Democratic poll: 66 percent of voters would be ‘upset’ without immigration reform

A majority of Hispanics aren’t saving for retirement. Lack of financial knowledge is a factor, expert says

Many third-generation Hispanics don’t speak Spanish, but their parents do. Why?

California governor declares drought emergency for entire state

Singer and Artist Solange Debuts Free Library of Rare Books by Black Authors

Surgeons successfully transplant a PIG KIDNEY into a human, marking a ‘significant step’ in the decades-long quest to use animal organs for life-saving transplants

MiSalud Launches Spanish-Language Digital Health App for Underserved Hispanic Communities in California

Ecuador’s president declares state of emergency over drug trafficking

Illegal logging by organized crime has depleted 15% of Mexico’s forests

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