October 25, 2023

There’s no denying that Americans love deals, coupons and Black Friday sales. A new study finds the best deals in the country to buy a new car. So, how many will make the trek?; Cubans are still leaving their island and coming to the US — in surprising numbers; In this global, remote working society, it’s not unusual for Americans to be scattered across the planet. But how many are in war zones?; A survey finds more Americans are willing to support political violence ahead of the 2024 election. Have to question the methodology behind this survey and its target audience. Chances are the vast majority may be right-wingers itching to exercise their 2nd Amendment; Scientists made an amazing discovery under the Antarctic ice; and See the actual face of an ancient sacrificed Peruvian Inca maiden. Go beyond the headlines…

New Study Reveals Cheapest Area in US To Purchase a Used Car — Is It Worth the Trip?

How many U.S. citizens live in Israel, Gaza and the wider region

Record-breaking numbers of Cuban migrants entered the U.S. in 2022-23

Economists fear major disruption if the Israel-Hamas conflict is not contained

More Americans say they support political violence ahead of the 2024 election

Scientists unveil recreation of sacrificed Inca maiden in Peru

‘Frozen in time’ landscape discovered under Antarctic ice

App takes the guesswork out of potential risk zones for avalanches

Hurricane Otis Makes Rare Category 5 Landfall Near Acapulco, Mexico, After Explosive Intensification

Lederhosen in the Amazon: an Austro-German enclave in Peru keeps traditions alive

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