October 27, 2020

As someone who has been a political commentator for most of my adult life, the imperative importance of the 2020 presidential election is so obvious. It’s the first election in my life where character truly outweighs the politics. I sit stonily as I listen to long-time friends and family members praise Trump and denigrate mainstream media, though I’m always told that I’m not included in their criticisms. I marvel that they can’t recognize Trump’s ubiquitous use of lies, are amused at his egocentric narcissism and feel that Trump can relate to their low-to-middle class existence. I have to think that these loved ones are the same people throughout history who embraced Hitler, cheered Castro and marched for Chavez. Will world history repeat itself on November 3 in the United States? If there is any silver lining, it’s what Pew Research found among Latino voters’ motivation to vote; Trump has broken too many norms to count and thanks to him the US no longer leads the world on this important issue, and it’s not about the climate; So, why are Latinas the largest group of women leaving the workforce?; and If you’re struggling to find your “happy place,” science has a solution. Go beyond the headlines…

Latino voters’ interest in presidential race is mixed, and about half are ‘extremely motivated’ to vote

Under Trump, US no longer leads world on refugee protections

Court stops launch of HUD rule that makes it harder to prove discrimination

‘Something Has To Give’: Latinas Leaving Workforce At Faster Rate Than Other Groups

President Trump Won’t Say How 545 Migrant Children Still Separated From Their Parents Will Be Reunited

How to be happy, according to science

Arctic Sea Ice Fails to Refreeze by Late October, Setting a New Record

Capacitivo: A contact-sensitive technique that can be used to make smart tablecloths

Chile abolishes its dictatorship-era constitution in groundbreaking vote for a more inclusive democracy

Colombia has 1 million coronavirus cases, second in Latin America to reach milestone

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