October 28, 2020

Record turnout for early voting continues across the country. Along with it, the rise in threats against voters who vote Democrat. A new report warns where to expect armed groups on Election Day; While a lot of the nation may be counting down the days of the Trump administration, the sad fact is that he’s still in charge and his slaughter of environmental controls could prove to be a looming apocalypse; Breast cancer is on the rise among an unlikely demographic; and A new report unmasks the US companies responsible for ongoing abuses in the Amazon; and finally A new app that lets sports lovers ‘talk’ sports like never before. Go beyond the headlines…

Report warns five states are at high risk for activity by armed groups around election

Undocumented immigrants may actually make American communities safer – not more dangerous – new study finds

Trump’s pullback of pollution controls is even more hazardous than you think

Spanish-speaking domestic workers saw jobs, hours plummet due to COVID-19: report

Eduardo M. Peñalver, from ‘first’ Latino law school dean to ‘first’ Latino college president

Breast cancer is rising among South Asians in the U.S.

‘Detached’ reef bigger than Empire State building discovered in 500 metres of water off Queensland

US firms fund deforestation, abuses in Amazon: report

Locker Room app wants to reinvent how fans talk sports

Nicaragua celebrates a joyous festival of horrors in lead-up to Halloween

All Souls Day Bread, a Tradition in Southern Mexico

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