October 29, 2020

Yesterday, I received a SMS survey (fyi: text message via phone) that asked me how I would rate my fear of armed violence on Election Day or in the days afterward. Maybe I’m naive, but while I don’t totally believe we will come to that, I can’t totally disregard it either. I rated myself in the middle. Yet, there’s no denying that voter intimidation threats are on the rise in this election, and so is voter suppression. The lengths the GOP have gone to ensure people lose faith in mail-in voting, have corrupted the postal system and filed lawsuits to discount thousands of voters’ mail-in ballots if they arrive after a certain date, though they are postmarked well within the time frame allowed, should have us all question if this is the kind of politics we want in this country. There’s no doubt that the party with the majority wields power, but if that power isn’t put towards doing good for the country then what good is that party? While Biden holds a narrow lead among FL Latinos, it may be a harder hill to climb since the far-right are targeting Latinos with disinformation about an issue Latinos care about deeply; Not only can’t border officials reunite over 500 child migrants with their parents but now we learn just how many times they turned away children traveling without parents at the border; Are our bodies evolving?; and Can you name two Latin American countries attracting global attention for their entrepreneurial growth? Go beyond the headlines…

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