October 5, 2021

Throughout my career as an opinion writer, I have striven to not favor a particular side but only the argument which produces a fair and equitable solution. It used to be I could do this with such balance that readers never knew my own political affiliation. Not anymore. The GOP have abused their influence, position and politics to enshrine and protect a past party leader who never should have been allowed to continually abuse the Office of the Presidency. Their cumulative actions across the country to seize control of state legislatures, revoke personal freedoms of women and people of color and, most egregiously, limit access to voting and then reserving the right to have those results tossed if they don’t like the outcome (Why do you think these unfounded audits are gaining momentum under Biden?) is making the GOP a party not to be trusted nor allowed to further dominate American politics. For those Latinos who think what the GOP does doesn’t affect them, a new report shows just how they are targeting Latinos for 2022 — and it goes to the heart of Latino ‘communities;’ Finally, a social media platform that is taking a proactive step for future generations. Snapchat just launched an initiative that hopes to change the future of US politics; and People may be moving back to cities but new climate report shows that still may not be a good idea. Go beyond the headlines…

Republicans target Latino voters for 2022 with ‘community centers’

Top State adviser: Biden use of Trump-era border policy “inhumane”

Refugee admissions hit record low, despite Biden’s reversal

Snapchat is adding a feature to help young users run for political office

Why prescription drugs can work differently for different people

People in cities have faced huge increase in heat exposure since 1983

Mysterious World Appears to Be The First Exoplanet Ever Found Orbiting 3 Stars

The ‘Blinkist’ app is the new Cliff Notes

Underworld of Mexica mythology presented in new immersive experience

Indigenous Women Propose Inclusive System to Conserve Forests in Costa Rica 

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