September 16, 2020

As Trump stumps his way across the nation to convince voters outside his base that he deserves to be re-elected — Though, I personally believe he doesn’t care if people think he deserves it or not. He just wants to keep it, — undecided voters are getting to hear him for themselves. If last night’s ABC News Town Hall event was any indication, undecided voters aren’t liking what they hear. Yet, there are some that do like him and Latino voters are among that group; While in California recently, Trump suggested that cool weather would take care of the forest fires. When challenged that science didn’t agree with him, he replied science “didn’t know.” Well a 175-year-old science magazine that never before endorsed a political candidate just took a historic step; The Lincoln Project has been releasing creative ads spearing Trump for his failures as president. Now, they want to make sure Latinos get their messages too; and Unfortunately, slavery didn’t start with early US settlers. Archeologists just discovered an ancient slavery ship used by one of the most advanced Mesoamerican civilizations. Go beyond the headlines…

175-year-old magazine, Scientific American, backs Biden in first-ever endorsement

Why Some Latino Voters Are Backing Trump

Lincoln Project ramps up Latino outreach

The pandemic’s racial disparities are bigger than health care

Reports Of ICE’s Forced Sterilizations Are Nothing New In America

The Majority Of Children Who Die From COVID-19 Are Children Of Color

Mexico identifies submerged wreck of Mayan slave ship

A New App That Will Find Stolen Smartphones and Protect Your Children from Danger

Migrant Kids Studying Remotely While Stranded in Tijuana

Venezuela’s Maduro security forces committed crimes against humanity – UN

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