September 19, 2023

There’s been a lot of talk on the threats facing our democracy. The threats are real. Whether they come from ego-driven politicians or extremists working to remake the country as they perceive their idea of utopia, our ‘democratic Republic’ is under siege. Literally! Think January 6! But there is hope — if more people vote. Today is National Voter Registration Day and if you’re not registered, don’t wait before it’s too late; Ukraine President Zelensky has a question for the United Nations when he appears before them today. It’s a question that deserves an answer; Remember how the Trump administration forcibly separated child migrants from their parents at the border? A new study highlights just how atrocious that policy was; Scientists are noticing an evolutionary change happening with — fish; and Believe in near-death experiences? A new study sheds some interesting ‘light’ on the subject. Go beyond the headlines…

Make an impact: National Voter Registration Day is here

Heading for UN, Ukraine’s president questions why Russia still has a place there

Children separated at US-Mexico border had ‘no interaction’ with their parents: report

Prices are about to soar even higher — and it could trigger a recession

These habits can cut the risk of depression in half, a new study finds

Fish are shrinking, according to new study

Some Patients Who ‘Died’ but Survived Report Lucid ‘Near-Death Experiences,’ a New Study Shows

Google’s Bard launches fact-check features as AI race continues

US prepares measures to help Cuban small businesses

‘Everyone is invited’: AMLO defends Russian participation in military parade

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