September 2, 2021

Has American democracy ever been so threatened by the very political representatives elected to safeguard our best interests? The fact that power and influence corrupts is as old as the history of mankind but from the day Trump became a part of American political history, we have been in an accelerated downward spiral. We have only to read the headlines: The US Supreme Court’s overnight decision on Texas abortion ban stuns many; Why are state governments beginning to withhold reporting Covid cases? The House wants to make the military more inclusive; and New Pew analysis shows exactly what kind of voter voted for Trump in 2020. Go beyond the headlines…

Exclusive: Government can’t reach one-in-three released migrant kids

U.S. Supreme Court declines to block Texas abortion ban

House panel backs requiring women to register for the draft

Millions Of People Are Missing From CDC COVID Data As States Fail To Report Cases

What do Muslims believe and do? Understanding the 5 pillars of Islam

Most White Americans who regularly attend worship services voted for Trump in 2020

New evidence supports idea that America’s first civilization was made up of ‘sophisticated’ engineers

Eco-friendly air purifier doesn’t require filter replacement

Drought hits South America’s second-longest river

The armed indigenous militias fighting to save the Brazilian Amazon

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