September 1, 2021

Once again, media hype is touting the influence of the Latino voter. This time, it’s whether or not Latino voters can save California’s Democrat Governor. Is this another ‘sleeping giant’ fairy tale or reality politics?; What’s the future of higher education? Some employers and students are choosing their own paths; Covid targeted seniors at the onset of the pandemic and it appears it’s leveling a devastating parting shot; and So, who made those hieroglyphics on Brazil’s mysterious ancient stone? Go beyond the headlines…

Dems sweat Latino turnout in California recall

Students skip college

Arizona launches a bold new experiment to limit racist convictions

Proud Marine, loving daughter: Family mourns Latina killed in Afghanistan

New Report Says The COVID Recession Has Pushed Social Security Insolvency Up A Year

Genetic Background Can Increase Hispanics’ Risk For Omega-3 Deficiency

Birds of prey face global decline from habitat loss, poisons

New App Called Inpathy Wants to Rethink the Human Experience Online

Can Eggshells Save One of Mexico’s Most Polluted Rivers?

Message from Outer Space? The Mysterious Indecipherable Script of Brazil’s Inga Stone

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