September 22, 2022

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell raised the interest rate by 75 points. What does that even mean for us; The world knew Putin’s reason for invading Ukraine was bogus but by controlling the flow of information in Russia he was able to ‘gaslight’ his fellow Russians. Younger Russians don’t plan to fight for a lunatic; Christian conservatives are on a roll by imposing on the nation their restrictive beliefs. New research shows this may be their last hurrah; Fiona wreaked the same havoc on Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria by knocking out power to the island — except to certain homes; With the climate heating up and blackouts and brownouts a consequence of that temperature increase, MIT researchers just made a significant discovery that calls for major investment; and You won’t be surprised to learn what researchers found is common among US Republican politicians. Go beyond the headlines…

How interest rate hikes ripple throughout the economy

Russia has mobilized. What happens now?

America’s Christian majority could end by 2070

When Texas students campaigned for a more diverse history course, they got a lesson in politics

The eco-friendly homes that didn’t lose power after Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico

MIT researchers advance cooling technology that does not use electricity

New research shows US Republican politicians increasingly spread news on social media from untrustworthy sources

App for the pre-K set promotes healthy eating, exercise

Popocatépetl rumbles; warning issued for ashfall in Mexico City

Bolsonaro tries red scare tactics in Brazil election by raising spectre of Nicaragua

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