September 21, 2022

At no other time in our nation’s history is it as important, as it is now and going forward, to exercise our right to vote. The GOP effort to deny access to that privilege is reaching a crescendo with the election of more 2020 election deniers in charge of state elections. The only way to combat the vile intentions of these GOP politicians is to turn out in force to vote and understand that our democracy, our freedoms and our future depend on our actions at this point in history; Is Putin ready to launch a nuclear war?; Migrants are people too, and some are lawyers, educators, administrators in their homeland. In other words, they’re not as dumb as Florida’s gov. They’re proving that with a new lawsuit; The Space Force now has their own song; and Scientists discover why women stopped menstruating once they were at Nazi death camps and the answer wasn’t expected. Go beyond the headlines…

Everything you need to know about voting right now

Putin announces ‘partial mobilisation’ of Russia and threatens nuclear retaliation

What’s behind the collapse of “growth stocks”

Migrants sue Florida governor over Martha’s Vineyard flights

Why Latino people are on the front lines of climate change

‘We’re the Space Force from on high’: The newest U.S. military branch gets its official song

New research provides theory on why women stopped menstruating upon arrival at Nazi death camps

Walmart launches new virtual fitting room to app

Seattle-based startup to create online listings portal for Mexican real estate

Bogotá (Colombia) hosts No Car Day on Thursday, September 22

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