September 27, 2023

September 15 – October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s the time of the year that the Latino experience is celebrated, scrutinized and compared to the greater US society and the world. For example, every year the Latino buying power is compared to global GDP. This year, shows Latino buying power is a lot more influential than it’s ever been; One of the biggest failures the Biden admin will forever be known for is their retreat from Afghanistan. The people left behind are suffering at the hands of the Taliban, especially women. So much so , the UN is considering a new term to describe what is happening to women in the country — ‘gender apartheid’; Scientists are excited about the latest discoveries for following a MIND diet; and Latino astronaut Frank Rubio just returned to earth after making his mark on history. Go beyond the headlines…

Key facts about U.S. Latinos

As mental health worsens among Afghanistan’s women, the UN is asked to declare ‘gender apartheid’

Elevated border numbers are the new normal

Why the U.S. fiscal picture really is ugly

US Latino economic output surpasses $3 trillion mark for first time, new report shows

The Brain-Boosting MIND Diet – New Study Uncovers “Exciting” Improvement

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio returning to Earth after U.S. record-setting yearlong space station flight

New app lets you rent private bathrooms on-demand ‘like Uber’

Tree-hugging AI to the rescue of Brazilian Amazon

Mexico: Archaeologists uncover ancient grave in Palenque

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